5 Techniques for Taking Best Meat Photography

Meat photography is one of the challenging sides of food photography subject. It isn’t easy to bring a tasty look to a raw meat slice. However, everything has a solution. Let’s see the top 5 techniques for taking the best meat photography like a pro.

1. Be careful about the quality of meat

The best tip for photographing meat is having quality meat. The best quality meat is required, especially if you plan to photograph it raw. It would be best if you purchase meat from butchers instead of supermarkets. 

To make the best decision, feel free to ask the butcher to display a few pieces of meat. It’s okay to be picky and request a different piece of meat because you need to be happy with your model.

2. Cut off ugly parts

You must trim the ugly parts of the meat slice when photographing raw meat. Because any kind of ugly part may destroy the quality appearance of meat. But don’t cut all of the fatty parts there.

 Fatty parts help to keep the depth and texture of the meat slice. On the other hand, we know that meat fat makes our meat dishes delicious. So, you must deliver the best imagination of a meat dish via raw meat slices in a blend of freshness and tasty look. 

3. Choose a natural and simple background

Backgrounds that are simple and natural are ideal for meat photography. A Sny artificial background would detract from the appeal of the meat photographs.

The meat’s red tones stand out against almost any background. Your meat photography can benefit from dramatic effects from dark backgrounds. Raw meat has a tough appearance, and its colors stand out against a shadowy background.

Backgrounds for meat photographs look great when made of butcher paper or wooden tables. Try using a marble background when photographing a raw steak with an appealing texture. Your steak picture will look amazing because the marble and the meat patterns are similar.

4. Use Simple and relevant props

Select organic and simple shout-outs for your meat photography. It would help to deliver a quality meat photo for viewers. Natural herbs, spices, and sharp knives will improve your food photography quality. You could also surround the raw meat with bottles of marinade sauce or clear oil bottles. 

Along with your cooked meat, place some grilled or steamed vegetables. Complete the setup with a drizzle of salt and pepper. Always use props that fit with your meat photography style and appropriate props for the subject.

5. Use food styling tricks

Simply you can use a natural garnish for the meat dish as a styling trick. You can use tomato slices, broccoli, lettuce, and herbs to make your meat dish look delicious. 

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with using artificial food styling tricks. For example, you can use shoe polish to make chicken look finely roasted with eye-catching brown color. Another styling trick you can apply is, making grill marks on the skin. It makes people think that meat is cooked finely and deliciously. You can simply make grill marks using a skewer heated over a flame.