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When preparing steak, are you doing these mistakes too?

Mistake 1: Are you going to season it correctly or not

Some people are afraid of putting salt and pepper for seasoning saying that it may make the steak more salty or spicy. It is wrong and this is to remember. We can’t see the inside of the steak until it sliced. So that it is better if you can season it more hours. At least one hour seasoning will be enough.

Mistake 2: Frozen steak or fresh steak

Steak normally we are taking out from refrigerators unless it is fresh from butchers. So the freeze steak should not directly put into the grill. If it grill in that way, it will cook unevenly. Outside meat will burn where inside will be undercooked. So let the steak to become room temperature before cooking. Prepare some appetizes for the hungry buddies when preparing steak.


Mistake 3: Which cut and which way of cooking

There are so many cuts when selecting a proper steak for cooking. Every steak cut will never suitable to cook in grills or pan. If the fat content is higher, it will be not suited to cook in a grill, rather it will best suit cooking in a pan. Try the best way next time with the most suitable cut.


Mistake 4: Lean cut or marbled juicy steak

If you are trying to grill steak in lean cuts, it will make it drier and less flavored. If you want to have more flavors, you better find steak with more marbles and with high fat content.


Mistake 5: Turning the steak

When it have the grill marks on the steak it is best time to turn other side. But be careful, not to dry out the steak. Mistake is some people think we should turn the steak only once. But if you flip it more than once, cooking time will be reduced and you can finish it quickly while saving the favor.


Mistake 6: where to find best cuts

It is not the grocery or the supermarket that you can find best out of best. Go to a local butcher and ask from him about the best cut. Let him choose the best cut for your grilling and cooking method. Cook like a pro.


Mistake 7: Cutting into it too soon

Quickly after finishing cooking steak should keep for another few minutes to rest. If it is quickly cut into slices, it will drain out all the juices out that we made a hard effort to protect while cooking. If you let the steak rest for 5 minutes, covering it using a foil all the fibrous parts will absorb all juices into it and will lead to have more flavor.

Mistake 8: when steak is ready to take out from the grill

Can you look and say whether the steak is ready or not. Don’t try it out. Your steak will be look perfect from outside where inside still in row. Better use a proper thermometer and look the temperature of it. If you use a fork, it will lose more juicy contents out of the steak.


Mistake 9: Using an oil

If you use dark oil for cooking steak, it will make more smoke around the kitchen try to use lighter color oil as much as you can. Smoke point of these oil matters for this smoke. If you are brushing oil over the steak, you better use olive oil, peanut and canola like oil types will be

What to do instead: Generally, lighter oils have higher smoke points. If you plan to brush oil onto your steak, look for peanut, canola or extra light olive oil, or check out our guide to cooking oil of all kinds.


Mistake 10: Cleaning the grill

If you are not cleaning the grill properly, next time when you start grilling, it will lead more smoke, make steak sticky and so on. So when the coals are still hot after grilling, use a wire brush and clean it well. Clean each time you use it.

These are common mistakes and tips to avoid these issues. Hope you will enjoying cooking steak next time avoiding these errors.