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Garlic Butter Shrimp

Don’t you like to eat sea food guys…???

This recipe is for our sea food lovers… It is so quick and easy for making this garlic butter shrimp. Let’s jump for the ingredients. For this dish we will use lemon pepper, parsley, paprika, ground black pepper for seasoning, unsalted butter, corn starch and we need some beautiful, nice and clean shrimps. So let’s start cooking. First we have to seasoning the shrimps and added the seasoning mixture and mixed well and keep aside. Add salt for the better taste. After adding seasoning corn starch should be added to the top of the seasoned shrimp and mixed well nu using your hands. So the outcome of this dish is incredible.

So let’s cook shrimps. We have to take a nonstick pan and drizzle some olive oil as olive oil don’t ruin the butter taste. Then put the butter to the pan and melt it well. Then add seasoned shrimps in to the firmly hot pan and keep it for several minutes. Make sure to cook both sides and it will not take much time. After they are done, remove the mixture from the pan and keep aside. Then add chopped garlic to the pan. If you want more butter, put it down to the pan and then add some parsley. Then you got the beautiful aroma around your kitchen. Love to feel it guys then squeeze some lemon juice too. After few minutes, the butter garlic will turn into golden brown color. Then put the shrimps to a pan and again and again sprinkle fresh parsley. Believe me guys it’s delicious and beautiful shrimp dish ever.