Egg Foods Steak

Super juicy and yummy Steak & Eggs

Are you looking for super taste with easy cooking? Yes, it’s here the best place to have such quick and easy menus. You can have this with fried potatoes, chips, and boiled fresh veggies as well. Let’s try the superb and mouthwatering steak menu.

You need to have a thick strip of steak, some vegetable oil, salt and pepper to taste. Paprika, seasoning powder, eggs, potatoes and fresh parsley in this menu. Go and grab some fresh steak from the market and a local butcher.

If you found steak from the supermarket, then take the steak out from the refrigerator and let it remove its cool and to become the room temperature. Well planning is essential when you prepare this menu. Then take a bowl and put some vegetable oil into it. Add salt and pepper to taste, seasoning powder and paprika to the bowl. Mix it well and rub steak with this mixture well. Pat it further all the sides and keep it aside for 30 minutes for seasoning.

Take a nonstick pan and put some oil into it. Turn up the warm up to medium high heat and place the seasoned steak gently on it. Cook it while turning other side and make it like a golden brown crusty appearance in both sides.

Take some butter sticks and put it into the pan. Reduce the heat up to medium low and gently pour melted butter using a spoon over the steak and repeat it while turning the other side as well. After it cooked well, take it out from the pan and keep it aside to rest.

Take a sharp knife and slice it nicely and plated it to a cleaned plate. Arrange it nicely on the plate and let some space for eggs. Take 3 or 4 eggs and cook them using the same pan used to cook steak. If you like add some pepper and salt to the taste and as you preferred. When the edges of the eggs are becoming brownish take it out from the pan and place it on the remaining space of the plate.

Now take some cleaned potato and make it like strips. Fry it using a nonstick pan with some oil and prepare some fried potato strips. Now everything are ready and now it’s time to serve.

Garnish the plate with fresh parsley, salt and pepper with onion slices. If you are a sauce lover, don’t forget to add some sauce according to the preference too. Let’s have this mouthwatering super yummy steak dish with your special invitees. Have a healthy life. Enjoy it.