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Have you ever tried these most Expensive Steaks?

Now we are going to know about most expensive steaks in the world. Yes, it is none other than Kobe from Japan. Why this steak is called as Kobe beef? It is because the cattle breed – Tajima raised in Japan and its capital city is Kobe. Following are the most expensive steak based on the lists of the steak lovers.

  • Kobe Strip Steak
  • Full blood Wagyu Tenderloin
  • Charbroiled Kobe Fillet
  • Select Kobe Fillet
  • Wagyu Sirloin

It is a fact that 5000 cattle only selected to be as Kobe beef since it needs to follow many standards to have this kind of beef. So that is why it is more expensive. Among that 5000 cattle, 10 percent will be exported from japan for high prices.

Kobe Strip Steak

Kobe Beef Cows are taken care very well and massaged them daily without other workouts. Fat marbles forming in this meat, makes beef so delicious.

Full blood Wagyu Tenderloin

This is the highest price wagyu beef outside of Japan and can be found in Sydney, Australia and David Blackmore Farm in Alexandra produced this meat using traditional Japanese animal husbandry techniques.

Charbroiled Kobe Fillet

You can find this Steak in Aragawa restaurant in Tokyo and it’s a very delicious steak which cost is around $260.

Select Kobe Fillet

This is a cut which has a massive marbling and full of flavors after grilling.

Wagyu Sirloin

This is the cheapest cut among these 5 and it is also around $165 amount. You can find this very tasty.