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Hot and Spicy Cuttlefish Side dishes

Hot butter cuttlefish

Take 500g of cleaned cuttlefish without skin. Add some salt, pepper and lime juice into a bowl and mix the cuttlefish well with this mixture in a medium size bowl. Take a nonstick pan and add some cooking oil into it. Heat it up and put the seasoned cuttlefish into the pan. Fry it well till it becomes golden brown color. Take a nonstick pan and add some butter sticks to the pan. Further add bell pepper from three colors, mushrooms, ginger garlic paste and fried cuttlefish to the mixture. 2 table spoons of soy sauce, oyster sauce, dissolved corn starch and 2 table spoons of brown sugar. Then keep it for 3 to 5 minutes. Cook it for few minutes and then add some green onions for garnishing. This is very yummy dish and suitable as a side dish.

Crispy and spicy Cuttlefish rings

Take some cleaned and Semi frozen cuttlefish and cut it into ring like pieces. Take 2 eggs and 2 cups of butter milk to a bowl and mix it well. Keep this for 1 hour. Then 1 table spoons of seasoning powder, 1 cup of flour, black pepper, salt to taste, garlic powder, chopped parsley and red pepper as a mixture. Battered cuttlefish rings in the mixture and deep fry it.  For the sauce, take a pan and add 2 table spoons of mayonnaise sauce, lime juice, half a table spoon of salt. Mix it well. Keep cooking for some time and let it reduce its volume for half. Now take a cleaned plate and put the fried cuttlefish rings into the plate and put some parsley leaves for garnishing. Add some sauce over it. Have the dish as a healthy side dish.