Meat Steak

Steak with pepper creamy Sauce

What is better than steak for your special dinner? So what you have to for the steak? Is it tomato? Chili or something. How about the creamy pepper sauce for your steak. Let’s jump for the recipe. For the steak, use fantastic scotch fillet. So fleshy. Then it’s time to season it with salt and pepper on all the sides. Keep it aside and take a nonstick pan to add some canola oil for the high smoking point. If you don’t have canola oil, no problem you can use any other oil as well. Then place the seasoned steak on the center of the pan gently and cook each sides for 3 minutes under the low heat as the steak is somewhat thick. Cook it well until it turns the insides into pinkish color. No matter what you are going to serve along with steak, you have to make sure to cook the meat perfectly. Take out the cooked steak from the oil and cover it with an aluminum foil. Keep aside this fabulous preparation for a while.

Now we are going to prepare the creamy sauce. Take a pan and add some chopped onion 2 table spoons of garlic ginger paste and cook it for 2 to 3 minutes until it turns into golden brown color. Then add some wine sticks of butter and melt it under low heat. Add half a cup of white wine to the pan and add 2 table spoons of pepper to it. Make sure not to add too much of pepper as it reduce the other flavors. But adding pepper is too important since it gives spicy taste to the steak, also it helps to burn fat in you. So that it is recommended. Now, will add half a cup of thickened full cream milk stir it gently. Then keep it up until it reduces its volume a little (up to a half of its volume) and that will helps to thicken the sauce.

This kind of sauce is originated from France and if you visit restaurant in France, you may able to receive pepper sauce with any cause specially for steak. As its high texture and flavor is matched with the beautiful beef tendering cuts fillet.

Now the creamy pepper sauce is ready. You can place the steak and other vegies like carrot broccoli and some colorful vegies and gave a beautiful textured pepper creamy sauce on top the steak. Have a delicious dinner with your special ones with love and care.