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Surprise your friends with Lobster rolls on Sunday Fun day

Are you board with traditional lobster recipes. Then this recipe is for you. This will be a wonderful summer treat to impress your friends. Let’s try it.

Find the following ingredients for this dish. 1 table spoon of butter, hot dog buns, lettuce leaves, cooked lobster meat, 2 table spoons of mayonnaise, fresh lime juice, pepper sauce, green onions, stalk celery, salt and pepper to taste, dried basil and parsley leaves.

Now we are going to prepare our special menu. Take the hot dog buns and slice it in to two parts. Make sure not to separate it. Lightly add butter inside of this buns. Put some lettuce leaves in there and keep it aside.

Take a medium size bowl and put mayonnaise, lime juice, pepper sauce, salt and pepper to the taste and stir it well. When it becomes a uniform texture, blend it with the green onion and celery. Then mix it with the cooked lobster meat until all the meaty parts covered fully with this mixture.

Take the bun and fill the lobster mixture in between the two parts. Drizzle some pepper over it. Put parsley and basil on top of this mixture. Prepare few of these and arrange it in a plate. It is now ready to call your friends and surprise them.

Have a healthy food. Enjoy the healthy life.