Meat Mutton

Zero oil mutton curry

Take a nonstick Pan and 750 grams of well cleaned mutton pieces in to it. Add some half a cup of chopped onion, 2 table spoons of garlic powder, some salt to the taste, 2 table spoons of turmeric powder and a table spoon of red chili powder to the pan. It is better to add more hot and spicy ingredients for the dish and mix it well. Then keep it for marinate about 1 hour. Then add more herbs into the mixture such as cinnamon bay leaf and crushed green cardamom then add some sliced onion and one cup of ginger garlic paste. Add some tomato into it if you prefer to have them too. If you like you can add some Green Chili for more spicy taste.  Then put this into the oven and cook, well-seasoned mutton mixture under medium flame.

After 2 to 3 minutes look at the meat curry and you feel that it is delicious. The fragrance go around the kitchen and the spices also the season a mixture is cooking without much more water. Make some roasted appearance to the meat. It make so delicious and chewy texture for the meat and the meat start to release its oil. After that mutton, other spices and onions are fried with the fatty of meet. After that add one cup of water to make a gravy for the mutton curry.

Then the beautiful mutton curry is ready for serve for garnishing you can add some Green onions on top of the curry. You can have it with rice bread roti or anything goes with your plan

For the dietarians it is better to consume this dish. This dish has links with Asia particularly to India as they consume more spices and hot ingredients. Like other meats, mutton is as special as it consume low fat and rich with essential amino acids and many vitamins. It is good for the inhalation problematic people and this dish is suitable for everyone. Let’s prepare it by your own and enjoy it.

Have a healthy life!