My favorite Smoked Beef Jerky Steak with Lime and honey

Take the ground Steak and clean it well. Put the beef part in a freezer for 45 minutes and it will enable to slice it perfectly later. The grounds steak are best with the meat flavors, with not much marbling so it is good for preparing a perfect beef steak. Then keep it in clean board and make it as a half slices using a sharp knife.

Then take a ball and put some brown paper solved and Chile flakes to taste. Also add garlic powder and Soy source with Ginger powder. Mix it well until it comes as a uniform texture. Then add half a cup of honey and half a tablespoon of onion powder.

Then put the sliced beef pieces into the bowl and the bowl should be covered with cling film and keep it for marinate for about 45 minutes.

The next step is to grill the steak. Use a pre-prepared grill with Oak or Peach wood pieces on to the hot charcoal layer. Now the smoked charcoal grill is ready for cooking. Then grill the steak pieces under 180 Fahrenheit degrees for 5 to 7 hours. Put some peeled lime in to it for add lemonade taste to the steak and cook it well. Rest it after taking out from the grill for some time and now the grilled steak is ready to serve.

Take a plate and garnish it with parsley leaves. Enjoy the healthy food with your special ones.