Hamburg Salisbury steak with your favorite mushrooms

What about having ancient recipe in handy modern ways? Yes, it goes to the 19th century and let’s have a special dish to enjoy the taste of a special menu. This is very popular menu in migrating Germans. It was very much popular in the past. Salisbury steak is called as Hamburg steak which consist ground beef mixture with lots of flavors and cook with fresh mushrooms. This steak is very famous among the United States. This type of steak is considered as to be a healthy steak as it is contained the low fat and calories and it uses meat free from bones, tissues and etc. This stick is better to have for the people who are suffering from the digestive problems.

For this Salisbury steak it is better to find meat from the 4 to 6 years old animal. Let’s take a bowl to add some ground beef into it and add one egg for the seasoning. You may add little bit of salt and 2 table spoons of garlic ginger paste, one table spoon of Italian seasoning powder, one table spoon of Paprika and 1 table spoons of black pepper for making petties/ cake. You may need half a cup of bread crumbs and 1 table spoon of Worcestershire sauce with 2 table spoons of yellow mustard cream.