Stuffed chicken breast: a quick and easy recipe with broccoli and cheese

Take some chicken breasts and clean it well. Using a paper towel, remove the extra moisture of it. Put a half cut in the chicken breast and season all the sides using a seasoning base. Seasoning base will be prepared using chili powder, paprika, pepper and garlic powder. Season it for about 1 hour.

Let’s prepare a filling to fill inside the chicken breast. Add some creamy cheese, half a cup of cheddar cheese, 1 cup of row broccoli, half a cup from garlic and chopped onion. Mix it well and add some salt, paprika and pepper to taste. This will be added to the chicken breast as a filling.

Fill this mixture inside the seasoned chicken breast and fill it like a pocket. Fix it with a barbeque sticks and keep it aside. This can cook either in a pan using olive oil. Medium heat will be enough in this method. If you like, you can bake this in an oven too. If you use an oven, you can bake it under 375 degrees Fahrenheit and for about 15 minutes.