Beautiful Pakistanian Steak with vegies for your feast

Fed up with the European steak recipes? Try now with the new version of steak. This recipe is one of the best Pakistani style steak for the cheerful events with your lovely family.

Get ready to prepare the dish and collect few ingredients such as 300g of beef undercut, salt and black pepper to the taste, mustard paste, dried thymes, butter sticks, lime juice, corn flour, white pepper powder, lemon peel, carrot, coliflor, red and green bell pepper, green peas, baby corn and oregano.

Take the beef undercut, clean and slice it gently. For seasoning add some salt and black pepper for heat. 1 table spoon of mustard paste, 1 table spoon of Worcestershire sauce, 2 table spoon of dried thymes, some cooking oil and mix it well. 2 table spoon of lime juice pour on to the mixture and leave 30 minutes for marinate. After 30 minutes time, grill the steak using a grill pan. At least 15 to 20 minutes will take for that process and make sure to cook meat well all the sides of the steak. If not you may end up with halfway cooked row meat. Now keep this aside after plated into a nice and clean dish.

Let’s prepare a sauce for our special dish. Take a nonstick pan and put 2 to 3 butter sticks and add 2 table spoons of corn flour mix butter and corn flour together. Add ½ cup of water and 2 table spoon of lemon juice. Also better to add 1 table spoon of lemon peel and 1 table spoon of white pepper powder and salt to taste. Mix it well for a uniform color combination and add one drop of yellow coloring to the mixture. To make a better taste, one table spoon of honey is added and mix it well. Cook them all together till it obtains a uniform texture and keep it aside.

For other vegies, take another pan and add 2 to 3 butter sticks and add slices of boiled vegies such as carrot, coliflor, red and green bell pepper, green peas, baby corn, pinch of salt, 1 table spoon of white pepper and oregano for a nice fragrance. Finely cooked vegies are now ready to serve.

Take a plate and put vegies and arrange it in an eye catching manner and add steak next to it. Put some sauce on top of the steak. The speciality of this dish is it matches the taste of all individual item without destroying its nutritional values. Next time, when you think going out for a dinner, think twice and have this simple and delicious menu at your kitchen within minutes.