Best Ingredients That Make Your Steak Great

You can make steak just with a pinch of salt and black pepper. But it may not be enough for a perfect steak. Here is some great ingredients you should try other than salt and pepper. Try some of these secret ingredients to make a good steak taste even better.

Baste with a sprig of rosemary

This is one of those tricks that is very effective and doesn’t take much work. Put a rosemary sprig in the pan with the steak. After you turn the meat over, use your tongs to pick up the rosemary and soak up the juices in the pan. Brush it on the steak, and the rosemary oil will get into every bite. By the way, here’s the right way to cook a medium-rare steak.

Top steak with compound butter

Many steakhouses add butter to their food to make it taste better. If you flavor the butter first, it works even better. We love roasted garlic butter, but we also like combinations that are a little different, like blue cheese and garlic. Check out these easy recipes for flavored butter to get ideas.

Use a steak rub

A lot of store-bought rubs have MSG in them. When you make spice blends at home, you can control the amount of salt and the ingredients. Salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder make up the simplest steak rub, but you can have fun with recipes like espresso steak rub.

Add things that are smokey or spicy

Use chilli powder, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, or ground cumin to spice up your steak. These smoky and spicy ingredients add a lot of flavour and bring out the beefy flavor of the steak.

Fresh herbs can change everything

A little bit of fresh parsley can go a long way toward making your steak taste better. Have fun with this one. You can use your fresh herbs to make chimichurri or gremolata, or you can mix a few together to make your own blend.

Put garlic on your steak

You don’t need a really fancy rub to make a steak taste great. Just cut a garlic clove and rub the cut side all over the steak, including the sides. You can toss the garlic in the pan with the steak; it will soften and become more flavorful and tender.

Use a flavorful marinade

Even though marinades aren’t necessary for steaks with a lot of fat, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them! A great way to add better flavor to a steak is to marinate it overnight. Balsamic vinaigrette, ground mustard, and Worcestershire sauce are used in most delicious recipes.

Serve it with flavors that go well with it

If you don’t want to change the taste of the steak, serve it with savory, umami-rich flavors that bring out its beefiness. We like to use tomatoes, mushrooms, a red wine sauce, or onions that have been cooked down until they are sweet. Find out how to caramelize onions the right way.