Refreshingly beef steak tartare for the row meat lovers with pears

The origin of the stick is much not clear but in early 19 century Europe loved to read this stick as it is so delicious.

Would you like to have some row steak? Are you feeling that it’s not much tasty? But believe me this recipe will turn your decision upside down. This cold sweet steak will make you feel the Asians good recipes. This dish is more famous in Japanese and South Korean restaurants. So let’s go with the ingredients.

Take any kind of pears, specially sweeter and juicy one with the best quality. Then clean it well and slice it using a sharp knife. Then keep it in a bowl and add some sugar, lime juices in order to avoid discoloration of Pears.

Then take another bowl and add some chopped garlic, green onion into it. Then add 1 table spoon of soy sauce and one table spoon of honey, 2 table spoon of cooking oil for the taste then at roasted sesame seeds together and mix it well for the seasoning mixture.

Then take the soaked pears and dry it well. Then keep it in a bowl separately. Then take the plate and arrange it using this cold sliced pears layer.

Then the fresh steak should take out from the refrigerator. It should be semi frozen stage. In this stage we have to make it as round or chunk steak without fat which is more tender and boneless.  Grind it or make into slices and dice it into pieces by sharp knife. This steak should be served as a cold dish. So you have to quickly slice the steak using a sharp knife and add in to the seasoning mixture which is previously made.

Then mix it well and place it in a plate on the top of the pears layer. Then keep it in a refrigerator again at least 30 minutes. When you’re ready to have this, add some raw egg yolk source with Worcestershire sauce.

Have a refreshingly raw beef steak tartare.