Chicken Steak

Let’s prepare chicken stick

Are you fed up with chicken curry or traditional ways of cooking chicken? We will change it for today’s dish. Take some half table spoon of chili flakes, half table spoon of black paper, two tables olive oil, salt to the taste,  half table spoon of chili powder, 1 table spoon of soya sauce, one table spoon of chopped garlic and half table spoon of Basil as ingredients for this special menu. Put them all into a bowl and mix it well. Keep it aside this seasoning mixture for a while until we finish the next step.

Take a chicken breast and make some parallel cuts using a sharp knife. Take the prepared seasoning mixture and wrap the chicken breast from the seasoning mixture and pour some sauce over it. Make sure to paste the mixture on both sides and better to use at least one table spoon of lemon juice and let the chicken marinate for 1 hour.

Now we are going to prepare the potato mash. For that you have to have one cup of boiled potato pieces and chop it well using a spoon and then keep it aside. Take a strainer and put the chopped potato into it using spoon and strain the potato to the pan. You can see a creamy like potato mashes there. Add half cup of milk to the bowl and mix it well. It will become like a cream within minutes.

Now we will prepare an herb rice for the dish to have along with this yummy chicken steak. Add 3 table spoon of butter to a pan. Heat the butter until it melts and stir it well. Now add 2 tablespoons of butter and melt it and add half table spoons of basil in to it. Also add 2 table spoons of coriander leaf and mix it well. Add salt to the taste and then add 2 cups of boiled basmati rice into the pan and mix it well. Cook the rice mixture for about 2 minutes.

Take another Pan and add one tablespoon of butter to it. Put boiled carrots and beans together with zucchini add salt to the taste. Cook this vegies for about 3 minutes. Take the same pan after cooking that veggies and add mushroom and salt to the taste. Add some chili flakes on top of it. You can add boiled sweet corn and mix them all using a spoon while it is cooking. Now take out the mixture from the pan.

Add two table spoons of oil into the pan and 3 table spoons of chopped onion when it is hot. You can have a nice aroma when it is cooking. Add 2 table spoons of chopped garlic will be added in to it. Further, 1 table spoon of chili flakes will be added a nice color to the mixture. Mix them all with half table spoon of black pepper and half table spoons of chili powder. Cook it for about 1 minute and when it is becoming golden brown color you can add two table spoons of soya sauce and half table spoons of tomato sauce and stir it well. One cup of chicken stock will be added into this and mix well. We have to prepare corn flour and water mixture which will be added into this pan. Four table spoons of the corn flour mixture will be enough for this. You can feel the texture of this mixture when it is cooking. Adjust the consistency of this mixture by adding water. Put some spring onion and the preparation of mixture is over now.

Take another pan and add 1 table spoon of cooking oil into it. Now put the seasoned chicken breast with the seasoning mixture into the pan and cook both sides. We have already prepared the basmati rice which is filled with herbs.

Now take a cup and put that basmati rice into that and place that cup of basmati rice to a nice and clean plate. Then the mashed potato will be placed next to the basmati rice and nicely garnish the veggies and the mushroom which is sautéed. Placed it well in the dish and next to that, place yummy steak chicken. Put some sauce on top of the chicken steak. Drizzle some pepper on the mashed potato. Now the dish is ready to serve. See the colorfulness of this delicious dish.

Enjoy the life with this healthy foods.