Best Carne Asada Recipe

It is a dish, which taste first the beef, which is rich with buttery and juicy tastes and textures. You may need a fork and a knife to consume this yummy dish. It is kind of a Mexican favorite dish with marinades full of balanced flavors.

We need to prepare a mixture of chopped garlic, olive oil, favorite chilies, garlics and lime juice for marinade the steak. We need to prepare this well in advanced for a tasty steak dishes. Why we need to have this marinade mixture? Because, this mixture will enhance the texture of the steak, improves the brownish surface color and it will tenderizing the steak. So this will give you a best experience when having this dish with your loved ones.

From the different types of cuts such as flank steaks, tri tips, hangers, short ribs skirt steak is the best for preparing delicious Carne Asada. It is full of buttery flavor than other cuts. It also has a perfect surface area to such all the flavors in marinade mixture. Further that skirt steak has very this edges which will results a crispiness when cooked. You can enjoy the taste while melting them inside your mouth. If you are lucky enough, you can have the outer skirt from butcher which is having fat layer.

You can have dried chilies and some wet ingredients together such as lime juice, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, fresh cilantro leaves, toasted cumin and coriander seeds with dark brown sugar to prepare the marinade mixture. Easiest way to mix them together is to use a blender. Blend it till the ingredients getting thin texture and will add some salt to the taste. now it is ready to use for marinade our skirt steak.

Marinating time is also plays a crucial role when preparing the steak. But you have to keep remember that there is no hard and fast rules for preparing the marinade mixture and the time. It depends actually with the type of meat, type of the cut and the ingredients used to prepare the marinade mixture. You can marinade the skirt steak parts with the prepared marinade mixture for about 3 to 12 hours to have a nice and tasty carne asada. Keep in your mind not to marinade the skirt steak for more than 12 hours since it turns the skirt part more mushy rather than meaty. Then use the temperature of 120 Fahrenheit degrees (49 Celsius degrees) for about one hour on a smoking hot grill. Try to maintain a better salty level in your mixtures to have a yummy and tasty dish. You may use the highest heat level in your grill if it is possible. As mentioned earlier, the skirt tender parts will become crispier at high heat levels, which will make more taste for the dish. You will use the pre heated grill for grilling this marinated steaks.

After taking out the grilled steak out from the hot grill, keep it for some time to rest. After that you can cut them against the grain and otherwise you may feel rubbery texture when consuming.