Photos of the Week – 10 eye Catching Ribeye steaks


Rib eye steak with rosemary and hot chilly. This will make a blast when you are having this juicy steak dish. Feel the nice aroma of this when you visit your steak house next time.


This is something more like a forest arrangement and you can see some garlics, and some leafy vegies over the medium to high temperature grilled steak.


Look at this one. How peaceful this is to your mind? It is simple but can guess how tasty it is… wow.. look at the top of the rib eye here… you can see some small particles of topping and the crispy texture of it. I will order this at my next visit to my steak house. You can also try this.


Here is steak with half boiled eggs. What a garnishing here and feeling hungry when we see this juicy and colorful steak dish. Wanna try this for sure.


How pretty and cool this arrangement? This is small size lamb rib eyes, which are not very much popular and hard to find if not carefully selected from the market. See how it is wrapped with the spices and the color of it. It is mouth watering dish for me.


Well cooked and seasoned rib eye steak with nice grill marks over the surface. This must have rose color nice inside when slice it into pieces. Let’s wait till it slice…


See the color balance of this steak dish. We can see the slices of the rib eye steak and the other side it has some baked potatoes and the bell peppers. Pink color of the steak shows how nicely it is cooked and the outer cover says how crispy it is. I can’t wait till I have this for today’s dinner. Hope it will be a blast.


It’s a rib eye steak with some veggie salad. Wow, see the grill marks and how juicy this steak dish is. The combination of these veggies and meat will make our tummy full and this will be an enjoyable and balanced diet for you. Try it at your next visit.


What a nice rib eye steak, which is topped with melted cheese and some flavors. After slicing this will be a juicy and a tasty dish for you. Wanna go out and have steak with your special one? Choose this dish for the next time then…


I want to try this rib eye steaks which seems like they are loving each other. See how juicy and crispy this is. And the arrangement too so adorable. Oh, see that sauce topped over these two rib eye steaks… Mmmm… yum yum yum…