7 Fully loaded layered burgers that you will wonder at Cheeseburger Day 2022

01. Fully loaded Hard-boiled egg burger

This one is specially for the meat lover who wants to have the meat full of mouth while having the burger. It will give meat flavors basically since it just layered with meaty things plus flavored sauces. You will surprise with the combinations in this burger specially the Hard-boiled egg in it.

02. Towered Beef patty and runny egg burger

You will really enjoy these 5 layered steak burgers which has a runny egg too. Imagine the deliciousness of this mouth watering fatty burger with sesame and veggies. Healthy and eye catching steak burger for your hungry kids too.

03. Mozzarella Cheese Burger that cannot substitute with anything else

If you are a cheese lover yet you have to join with burger lovers at an occasion, choose this mozzarella cheeseburger.  See the crispy and juicy textures here in these different layers and the taste of this can never be substituted by any other burger. Slices of steaks and steak burger patty are adding extra color with the mozzarella cheese layers. Never forget to have some matching wine with this to have 100 percent satisfaction at the end.

04. Tower burger, which you cannot end by yourself alone

As in the image here, you can see the height of the steak burger with number of layers. That is why it is said that this would not an easy task to finish it by regular person. But this is a nice experience, once in a life time. Definitely select red wine for this red meat buddy. So experience the change of these exclusive foods when you try something special at next time. Share your experience in here too.

05. Hot and juicy Triple steak layer burger

Welcome our next beauty, the triple steak layer burger bun. As name describes itself this has three layers of well-seasoned and cooked three steak layers. That is topped with overloaded cheese layers and sauce. This one specially arranged with hot and spicy for the people who loves with Asian spices.

06. All in one Truffle fries burger

Truffle is much expensive and that is the special taste of this delicious towered burger. See the arrangement of these different layers and even this seems like small in size, this is cost a little bit high when comparing with other burgers. With this layers you can have almost all the flavors and nutrients that you are expecting from a burger. If you are more concern about diets, check the total nutritional value too. Since all the layers are filled with small pieces or slices of each it is very convenient to consume too. So try this fries burger when visiting to your burger house at next time.

07. Crispy Onion Ring Burgers with Lettuce and Bacon

Though it is not looks like layers of high tower this is having number of layers within it. Starting from a lettuce layer, Mozzarella cheese layer, bacon, fried onion rings and finally topped with a little mayonnaise. Try this rings next time share your experience for us too.