Can you afford these 5 Most Expensive Steaks in the World?

What do you think about the price of different steaks in the world? Are you considering the weight and the size of the steak that impacts the price of it? No it is not. It totally depends on how the cattle are reared for meat. Let’s take a look at most expensive steak in the world.

01. Japanese Wagyu

Grade 5 Japanese Wagyu is securing the number one in the world for highest price. Another name of this steak is Papi Steak and this will cost about $1000 as well. This is a very rare type of steak since this accounts only for 1 percent out of all the production of Japanese beef.

02. Marbelled Kobe Beef

15 ounces of Kobe ribeye will cost around $350 in the market. This is costly because the meat is taken from the highest quality cattle in the Kobe region. Marbleized beef makes the final steak product more delicious and this is worthy to have at least once in a lifetime. The highest quality cattle are having special genetic ability to produce these meat with more marbles. That makes the beef more expensive and very special restaurants are only having these types of beef for its customers.

03. Tenderness Hida-Gyu Beef

Eight ounces of this beef may cost around $200 and this comes from the Hida region of Japan. This is more special since the cattle are consuming pure spring water of this region. Filets are the most expensive of this type and there is a long history which lies till the 1800s for these Hida-Gyu region cattle. These cattle have a relationship with European cattle and that is why that has a unique feature compared to others.

04. Maezawa Beef

The Ogata region in Japan has this kind of steak where 8 ounces of this meat ribeye will cost around $260. As mentioned earlier, the rearing method of these cattle is the reason for its cost. The farmers in this region are maintaining high quality of their cattles as well as feeding their cattle soy and whiskey. Not only that, they maintain the safest environment without any stress to the cattle. That makes the beef more tender and smooth.

05. Hitachi-Gyu

Hitachi-Gyu is from the Ibaraki region of Japan. This kind of beef steak is selling around $250 and it may vary according to the cut of the steak. The secret behind the expensive meat is the feeding pattern of the cattle. They fed only their locally found feed and clean water. Cattles are living in a very rich nutrient full and stress free environment. Hence the beef is so tender and flavourful. It has a very unique feature and that is the meat gets melted while cooking. So it becomes more delicious.