What will happened if you cook steak in these 5 different temperatures

Temp 1: 125°-130°F
This range of temperature we call as “Rare” in general. If you eat steak cooked with rare temperature, you will feel that the outer is somewhat brownish where inside is soft and cool. There may be cases cooking under this temperature because of the power of seasoning and the expertise of the chef.

Temp 2: 130°-140°F
Ok, this is called as the “Medium Rare” and this is somewhat advanced than the rare temperature cooked steak. The meat inside the outer cover is soft but little pink in color. Softer than the rare temperature cooked steak and inside is somewhat warmer than rare.

Temp 3: 140°-150°F
This range is belongs to the temperature called “Medium” and the meat will become as firm pink color. Outer layer will be brownish and in this temperature, the fat in the marbled meat will start to dissolve.

Temp 4: 150°-160°F
This is the most preferable temperature for firm steak product. This we called as “Medium Well”. Since this is far better than the medium temperature, the fat will liquidize and meat will become shrink. However, in this range of temperature, the steak will be in perfect condition.

Temp 5: more than 160°F
This is called as “Well” temperature. In this temperature almost all the fat will liquidize and the juices will be no longer available in the steak. The color of the steak is almost in gray color. Many of the experts are not recommend this temperature for the steak.

Tip: How you are going to check the temperature of the steak time to time?
Better use a thermapento check the steak temperature rather using the color of the steak. Because the color is subjective and the inside is other color than the outer. We can’t assure the color will be equal in all the places. Be careful with that tip.