Which one you prefer? Either Octopus Salad or Octopus pickle

Octopus salad in original Italian salad style

Take an octopus and clean it well removing all the unwanted parts. Take a nonstick pan and put some water there. Add carrot, bay leaves, garlic cloves, celery, black pepper and salt to the taste. After some time add the cleaned octopus there and cover the lid. Cook it for 40 minutes under medium heat. Take the boiled octopus out and cut it into small pieces.  Take some onion slices, chopped olive, sliced green chilies and mix it well.

Take another saucepan and prepare a dressing. To have this dressing olive oil, chopped green onion, lime juice, salt to the taste and black pepper. Mix it well and keep it aside. Take both mixtures together and mix it well. You can have an aromatic and eye catching dish for have with rice or bread.

Octopus pickle

Take a nonstick pan and put a cup of vinegar, 3-table spoon of sugar, salt, olive oil. Boil and stir it well.Take an octopus and clean it well. Boil this in a saucepan with water for about 45 minutes by covering the lid. Cut it into pieces, take a cleaned bowl, and put these pieces to the bowl. Add some sliced chili, olive, garlic, parsley, mint and sliced onion to the bowl. Take a boiled and cleaned jug, put all these mixtures to the jug, and mix it well. Keep this refrigerator and can have this with other meals for a longer period.