5 JUICY GRILLED STEAK that you must try in this summer

  1. Steak and Cucumber Salad

Cucumber is one of the best and healthiest veggie, which you can find easily. Though it is having very cool texture in nature, you can feel a nice combination with properly cooked steak. With added sauce of your favorite, it will make a delicious diet. Try to enjoy the juicy dish when you try steak next time.

  1. Grilled Tri-Tip with Green Garlic Salsa Verde

It is a bottom sirloin beef cut with nice marinade and mx of herbs. With the lime and garlic, it will make an awesome taste with the well grilled steak pieces. This is best suited for the meat lovers to get extra special dishes. I am so excited to have this juicy and yummy dish.

  1. Harissa Marinated Steak

This will be a super easy as well as super hot dish when you have no time to cook your dinner at your kitchen. Yet you can prepare a grand dinner for your loved one with this super easy dish. It is none other than the red chilly mixed harissa sauce with grilled steak. By combining these two things, you can have a wonderful and juicy taste within minutes. Try it out. You can enjoy the time with your loved ones without wasting time.

  1. Teriyaki Beef Shish Kabobs

Do you still want to have only the taste of meat from steak? I bet you are not. Then the kebabs are the best solution to mix the veggie flavor with steak flavor. You can have the super juicy taste with onions and pineapples. I want to try this one for outdoor gathering for sure. Let’s enjoy the juicy kebabs.

  1. Mexican Steak with Mushrooms

Mushroom are not just a curry for rice and other matching dishes. It can cooked in different ways to add more color to your dishes. Here in this dish, mushroom can have with chilly and pepper as a side dish for the flavorful steak slices. I am sure you will enjoy the juicy mix of mushroom, pepper and steak for sure.