Are you sure that you know these 10 summer grilling ideas?

  1. Scrum Burgers

It is none other than one of the best menu items in my list. What about a juicy delicious added cheese mushroom burger in a hot sunny day. Wow, Fantastic experience. Try this melted cheesy super delicious scrum burger to make someone extra special in this summer.

  1. Grilled Ribs

The difference between other ribeye and this one is the added flavor of Asian spices other than the normal sauces. You can have a super hot dish for the special guest at your outdoor functions.

  1. Glazed Chicken

This is for the chicken lovers other than beef dishes. This is really an eye catching dish when you serve with a nice garnishing. It will use a glaze mixture to have a shiny and smooth appearance to the whole chicken. It is super delicious and have the best aroma. Try this and don’t forget to have a sauce and some side dishes such as grilled corn and potatoes.

  1. Grilled flank steaks

It is a kind of west side dish and a tasty one from flank steaks. It is not essential to grill lime or any other veggies along with these flank steaks but you can add more flavor with other seasoning mixtures at your will. An easy and flavorful dish for the outdoor event within minutes.

  1. Steak Tacos

When you want to escape from usual steak dishes, you can have this kind of simple but a delicious dish from rib eye steaks. Normal tacos are using ground beef but in this one, it uses rib eye steak, which is better than the ground beef. With avocado and veggie, mixtures including lime these tacos will make you delighted.

  1. Grilled Ginger Shrimps

How we can forget the seafood lovers at our gatherings. Here is a super delicious option for all the guests from shrimps. It’s a shrimp skewer with plums and grilled peaches. Added sesame will make you mouthwatering with onion and other herbs. A fantastic experience. Try it out soon.

  1. Beef Onion Burgers

Want to a have a mix of flavors while having a burger? Here is a solution. Take a chunk of beef and grill it after a proper seasoning. Then you can layer it with an omelet, lettuce, cheese slices, mayonnaise and green onion slices. Sesame added burger buns would make you feel better with this layered burger.

  1. Turkey Drumsticks

Are you are turkey lover. Hope you will never miss this chance. It is a super glazed turkey drumstick dish for this summer. You can add your favorite sauce and side dishes along with this delicious meat dish and enjoy the sensational taste of it. Let us know your experience too. We are love to hear them.

  1. Chicken with Peach-Avocado Salsa

What you can remind with the term salsa. Salsa is a sauce that has spices and other condiments for tacos and spicy dishes. What about combining spicy salsa with grilled chicken. Wow, you will never ever reject the taste of this yummy dish then. Try this simple but very much flavorful dish in this summer to make your best friend surprised with your cooking skills.

  1. Grilled Lobster Tails

To add more color to your outdoor dining table you can have this kind of eye-catching dish from lobster tails. With the lovely color combinations of this lobster tails with lime slices, you can grab all the attention of your guests to this dish. After grilling these lobster tails will make a nice aroma and you have to add your favorite spice mixture on top of your grilled lobster tails. Enjoy the taste of another dish from sea food family.