Check this 10 tastier crab dishes for the seafood lovers

  1. Dungeness Crab

It is a softer crab that you can find at the pacific region of the world. Normally I would love to have this crab with my favorite butter and the garlic sauce. It is better to focus your attention in to the claws and legs because it has most of the flesh of crab in there. The color becomes red when it is boiled.

  1. King Crab

It is found also from the pacific region and a kind of soft and sweeter crab in the world. It is a kind of large crab and brown and red in color. The taste will increase with the squeeze of lemon juice over it. try the taste pf it and let us know the comments too.

  1. Blue Crab

This is a healthier crab dish for those who find the omega 3 sources as well as a high protein source. Nevertheless, it has comparatively low fat in it. Further, it is a common crab over many regions in the world.

  1. Coconut Crab

It is kind of hard crab, which is not usually used to have crab dishes. Because of its strong flavor, it is not popular for dishes. However, it is a kind of very big crab, which we can find in the region of Indian and Pacific regions.

  1. Peekytoes Crab

This is comparatively small crab found in the world and a tastier and the flesh have sweet flavored crab. It is best served with mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

  1. Brown Edible Crab

This is very much common in the Western Europe and most commonly used crab type in there. The specialty of the meat is its color. Male’scrabmeat is in white where female crabmeat is n brown color. It is Best served with melted butter.

  1. Florida Stone Crab

It is found at the Mexican region and having a tasty meat in it. the best way to serve this crab is with garlic butter.

  1. Japanese Spider Crab

This is the most popular crab in the Japanese area where it is identified as the largest of the world. Having reddish patches in the body it becomes a very tasty meat dish. With a soy based sauce it will be a nice dish for you.

  1. Horsehair Crab

This is also can find from the pacific region of the world. The color of the crab is brown and a kind of small crab. It is best served with vinegar and soy sauce mixture.

  1. Snow Crab

It is a square shaped crab colored in reddish brown. A kind of large crab, which can found in the region of North Pacific region. It is best served with clarified butter when you serve it to the guests.

  1. Bairdi Crab

It is the most popular and sweetest crabmeat item from crabs’ dishes. A well-known sweet taste is a reason for its high price. Not like other crabmeat dishes, it is no need to couple this crabmeat with any other butter or sauce since the taste of the crab meat is at its best.