Unbelievable 5 Dishes to save your time when you are in a tight schedule

  1. Herb Chicken and Potatoes

It is a kind of all-in-one mix dish from chicken thighs, potatoes and herms with lemon. When you mix them all in one skillet, when cooking it mixes all its flavors together. Hence, it gives a blend of flavors for the bite. Enjoy this quick and easy dish when you have a busy schedule.

  1. Lime Chicken

It is easy to have some rice at home. However, preparing curries are the difficult part to do when it is busy. Do notworry; here is another solution from us. It is super easy to pan grill some chicken thighs with lemon and mix it with added sauce and spices. Cook it well and within few minutes the meal is ready to serve.

  1. Beef & Broccoli

This is really a kind of extra special energy pack for those who needed. It is used only the beefsteak, broccoli and spices together with soy sauce. When it mix them together in a piece of bite, it gives you a mouthwatering feeling. In addition, this gives you high energy since it mixed with veggies and meat together.

  1. Creamy Steak Pasta

When you are in a hurry yet need to have something special for the meals, you had better try this special menu item for having a delightful feeling. It is nothing much bit a sirloin steak and a pasta together with sauce, ketchups and veggies. You can have it from your favorite restaurant too but it is very easy recipe to prepare by yourself. Steak will give you an amazing taste for the pasta. It is better to have an Italian pasta brand for a change. Try it and let us know how was it.

  1. Creamy Chicken dish

What an amazing look in this super eye-catching dish. Apart from its look, it is a simple menu for the busy schedule. This includes spinach, mushroom, garlic, pepper, salt, cheese and potato in this mixture. Specialty is that you need to have a single pan to do this all. Once the chicken is fried in the pan using olive oil, it will add potato, and spice mixtures to the same pan with extra olive oil. Finally, it added some extra cheese to the same potato and mushroom mixture. Do not forget to add the chicken broth into the mushroom and potato mixture when it started cooking. It added a different level of amazing flavor by it. if you are lazy to clean many equipment, then this is a kind of relief for you and try it at rush time.