Don’t forget these 10 Tips when Smoking a Whole Turkey

Turkey is a larger scale animal which we can’t cook as a whole with the available equipment at our home level most of the time. But if you still wants to have a whole turkey for an occasion like a thanksgiving party don’t worry about the oven and all. I am pretty much sure that these tips will help you to overcome all the problems you had.

Tip 1: Flatten the Turkey by Spatchcocking

This is the way of flattening Turkey by removing its spine from its body. After removing the spine, breast bone will also pressed down to flatten the Turkey. It will hold as flatten by two butcher shears and it will help a lot to even grilling the turkey. Not only that but also it will aid to firmly distribute the marinade mixture among all parts.

Tip 2: Temperature monitoring with a digital thermometer

In this tip, it shows the importance of checking the temperature of turkey from time to time using the proper method. Look and feel may be wrong due to the factor that it may vary depending on the person to another. Also the color detection is also subjective. Hence, it is the best option to handover the job to a reliable source such as a dual probe thermometer. Don’t totally depend on the inbuilt thermometer of the grill since it lice to you.

Tip 3: Fresh turkey rather using frozen one

When it is fresh, it is best. So better go to a butcher and request the fresh turkey based on what size you are expected to have at the end. By doing this you can avoid wasting the defrost time from your cooking time.

Tip 4: Use the proper size of the Turkey

It is best to decide the size of the turkey before it is started to grill. The biggest in size is not always the best quality. It is better to guess the size after flattening on the grill.

Tip 5: Trying a spicy rub

It is a known fact that Turkey is a kind of neutral flavored meat item where it absorbs flavors from rubbing materials and other sauces etc. Therefore, you better try out the best spicy rubbing to have a great experience.

Tip 6: Make the temperature extra than usual

When you try to manage the temperature of your smoker make sure to keep its temperature in the region of 275 °F to 350 °F. It will give you a tender and delicious flavor for the turkey.

Tip 7: Using dip pan

Why do we advise you to have a dip pan? It is because cleaning after preparing Turkey is a big issue if you experience it earlier. With this hack you will no longer need to worry about cleaning. Additionally, if you put some herbs to this pan, it will add an extra flavor to the turkey.

Tip 8: Stuffing Turkey

If it is stuffed that will make the temperature of the internal part drop compared to the surface. Therefore, it is not a must to stuff it beforehand where use other hacks.

Tip 9: Serve Hot

It is not a necessary thing to let Turkey rest for 30 minutes before serving in order to let all the juices penetrate in. My advice is to serve it in hot.

Tip 10: Do not open the smoker time to time

When you keep trying to open the smoker from time to time, it will let its temperature go out.

Hope these 10 hacks will help you to improve your cooking skills as well. Be careful with the poisoning of salmonella like diseases. Make sure to follow all the health guidelines to avoid such issues. Enjoy the healthy and delicious Turkey and let us know your comments here.