Do you want to try extraordinary taste from ordinary menus? Try these 5 dishes at your own backyard

Are you fed up with lot of junk street foods? Here we go. These are the simple tricks to prepare some amazing dishes quickly at your own place. Let us try this. Hope you enjoying these nice and yummy steak dishes soon.

  1. Steak prepared using Cast Iron Skillet

It’s a kind of juicy and super tasty dish when you start grilling using a cast iron skillet. It will save all the juices for you when you process it properly. You do not need to have so many equipment’s and ingredients to this one where just but steak best marbled meat from butcher and start cooking.

  1. Coffee and ChiliLime Butter Steak

Hope you want to have a different taste from the same menus, try this coffee and chili lime butter mixture as a rub for the meat and grill it using the basic procedure. Wow, you will be amaze with the taste of these two ingredients with meat. Happy meal.

  1. Steak Sandwiches:

Sirloin steak is used as thin slices in this dish where you can have your favorite veggies as a mixture. However, do not forget to have honey to add into this mixture. When toasting the bread apply some oil or butter in both sides of the bread and place the mixture of veggies and the thin slices of steak on the bread. That is it. If you have this sandwich as a lunch item, you will no need to have anything else for the whole day since it includes all the calories and energy that you want to survive for the rest of the day. A kind of healthy diet.

  1. Steak Salad

What if you need to have a pretty much simpler as well as an energetic salad for your lunch? Let’s try this handy salad dish. It enriched with finely minced veggies, ground beefsteak and honey in an open jar. You can have it while you are travelling too. Google it for more information and have this handy and clean steak salad as your lunch when you are out of your own place.

  1. Water bath dipped Steak

Are you experiencing low cooked steak in the middle part of the steak all the time?Then try this method to overcome it while googling for other solutions too. Take steak and wrap it with the favorite rub mixture. Seal pack it using a Ziploc bag and secure an airless environment in there. Dip it in a water bath and let it oven for some time. After few hours take that out and grill based on your favor. You will have a wonderful and even rose color steak with a crispy surface. You will wonder with the taste of it. Enjoy it with the nice garnishing and sauces. Happy meal.